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ISO 50001
Cabo Environment Commitment

Join Cabo Villas in Supporting our Community

ISO 50001 Certification

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ISO 50001 Certification Features:

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa has received the ISO 50001 certified by AENOR México. Cabo Villas is the first resort in Mexico to receive the respected classification.

The ISO 50001 signifies the implementation of energy management systems and maintaining a high level of energy standards and requirements to make a positive contribution to the global environment and the world we live in. The ISO 50001 supports organizations to use energy more efficiently in order to operate effectively, as well as help conserve resources and tackle climate change.

Four components of Cabo Villas' energy management system include its solar panels, desalination plant, light bulbs and air conditioning chiller. The hybrid solar system heats the overwhelming majority of the water the resort needs for the swimming pools and the rooms, and allow the resort to reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 90 tons a year, the equivalent of 29 cars driving 18,000 miles per year. The desalination plant produces two-and-a-half times as much water as the former equipment, and runs just eight hours per day compared to 18 hours per day for the former plant. The end result is more water in less time and less energy consumed. The new light bulbs and air conditioning chiller utilize less energy with increased results.

Cabo Villas joins an exclusive group of luxury hotels from around the world which have the ISO 50001 status, including JW Marriott in Washington DC, United States, Twentytù Hi-Tech Hostel in Barcelona, Spain, Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I in Madrid, Spain, NH Hotel in Berlin, Germany and Heritance Ahungalla in Sri Lanka.

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Los Cabos Children's Foundation

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Los Cabos Children's Foundation Features:


Over the past 15 years, Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa has been grateful to be a part of a variety of caring foundations and charities in the Los Cabos area.

The Los Cabos Children Foundation’s main goal is to provide medical assistance for children in the Los Cabos area suffering from cancer, heart defects and other serious illnesses.

These children have little or no chance without treatment and medical assistance. A typical heart surgery for a child costs $10,000 (USD), while a year of cancer treatment totals $20,000 (USD).  

Cabo Villas invites you to join us in a rewarding experience with the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation. During your stay, $1 USD per day will be included on your total bill, which will go directly to helping these wonderful children. We sincerely thank you for thoughtfulness and generosity!

For those of you who would like to contribute more than $1 per day to these children, the LCCF is grateful and appreciative of your kind gesture. Please let the front desk personnel know your preferred donation amount during check-out.

Please visit this amazing organization at

(For those members and guests who want to pass on the donation, simply inform our front desk personnel upon check-out).


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Julián Rendon Millán

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Julián Rendon Millán Features:

This is Julián. He is an incredible young man who is fighting for his life. Julián contracted leukemia a few years ago. Through the efforts of the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation and a number of very talented and dedicated doctors in La Paz, he has received the treatment necessary to hopefully return to good health.

Julian Family and Friends

From left: Chris Erickson, Renata Erickson, Julián, Alex (friend), Jaime (father), Evelyn (mother)

A fun-loving youngster, Julián is 14 years old. He and his family live in Cabo San Lucas. Julián likes playing soccer and video games, especially with Alex, his best friend since kindergarten. Julián also enjoys playing the drums, and he wants to learn to play piano. When he grows up, Julián wants to be a chef, a drummer and a pianist.


There are many other children in southern Baja in desperate need of help. Baja California has the highest rate of children’s leukemia in all of Mexico, and even though progress is being made, the fact is the odds are slim for many of these kids. Treatment costs range from $5,000 USD to $50,000 USD per child, and the Mexican insurance programs are stretched very thin.

A pediatric cancer center is in place at the Salvatierra Hospital in La Paz, with Dr. Altamirano spearheading the project. Dr. Altamirano received his training in the United States, and moved to La Paz from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico to be involved with this challenge. His passion and vision are clear, however he needs help. The operational costs of this facility are immense. 

Dr. Altamirano and Greg

Dr. Altamirano and LCCF President Greg Edwards

Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa is committed to this effort. We have a personal attachment to these kids, as well as the LCCF and the new children's cancer center. We have visited with the children and seen the looks in their eyes. We've also met the doctors and have seen the incredible work done in the cancer facility. We will continue working with the LCCF to change the world one child at a time.

The children of the southern Baja need your help. Please contribute to the LCCF by clicking the “Donate Now” button below. In the "dedication" section, please indicate "Julian" and/or "La Paz cancer center", as a way of indicating your preference of all donated funds to go to the children’s cancer center in La Paz.

Thank you and God bless.



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Dia de Muertos

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Dia de Muertos Features:

Día de Muertos "Day of the Dead" is a longstanding Mexican tradition of paying respects to those loved ones who have passed away. Every November 2nd, detailed shrines are constructed in honor of special relatives and friends. Cabo Villas erects a beautiful shrine each year in front of Medano Beach. Join us in November to witness this unique display of Mexican heritage!

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Eye Glasses Clinic

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Eye Glasses Clinic Features:

Cabo Villas hosted and sponsored Dr. Armand Radke and his staff of five, who conducted eye exams and distributed glasses to 70 Cabo Villas employees and their families in January of 2014.

Dr. Radke's group, from Detroit Lakes, MN, were in Cabo as a part of the Lions Club, assisting local Cabo San Lucas residents with eye exams and complimentary glasses. Dr. Radke and his staff are great people doing great things!

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ModuVated 5K Race

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ModuVated 5K Race Features:

Cabo Villas is proud to be the headlining sponsor and support for the ModuVated 5K Race, which promotes exercise and wellness for children and their families in Los Cabos.

Over the last few years, thousands of local residents participate in this wonderful and positive community event. Proceeds will go toward a children’s park in Cabo San Lucas. In addition to being the title sponsor, Cabo Villas provides volunteer assistance and manpower for the logistics of the race, including construction of the awards stage, tables and chairs. 

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Cabo Villas "Karate Kid"

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Cabo Villas "Karate Kid" Features:

We would like to introduce Oliver Alexis Flores.

Oliver is a very good friend of "familia Cabo Villas". Over the past few years, we have watched his passion and pursuit of mastering the art of karate, and are very proud of his achievements. Most recently, Oliver won a gold medal at the Pan American Games in Bolivia in September of 2015. 

Since 2010, Oliver has won eight gold medals! In addition to his victory in Bolivia, he placed first at the Pan American Games in Peru in September of 2014. He also finished first in the 2014 North America Cup in Vancouver, Canada, 2013 Central American Games in Nicaragua, 2012 Pan American Games in Cancun, Mexico, 2011 Pan American Games in Brazil, 2011 World Championships in Malaysia and the 2010 Pan American Games in Canada.

Oliver has entered the next age category (18 - 20 years) and the sky is the limit for his career. Oliver’s determination in his sport is truly an inspiration to us all. We have never met anyone like Oliver, and have total faith that he will rise in this sport and has the potential to represent Mexico in the 2020 Olympics (karate was recently accepted as an official Olympic sport). 

Oliver needs assistance. The school and sports programs in Mexico are quite different from the programs in the United States. Although the support from the Mexican government is appreciated, it is not enough, and Oliver needs help with the high travel costs associated with being an elite athlete.

Oliver is looking for sponsors. As a resort, Cabo Villas is committed to his success, and we invite you to join us in our support of his future. With a full schedule in 2016, donations are much appreciated! 

For any of you who want to meet Oliver while you are in Cabo, we can make arrangements to do so (assuming he is not traveling). He is an amazing young man with an incredible future and we are proud to help him any way we can. 

Watch Oliver Alexis Flores (blue) in action!

Thank You!


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Ciclovia Recerativa


A safe place to exercise for all the family, where you can also walk with your pet. Walk, run or cycle the "Par Vial" with no cars and enjoy Cabo as never before!!
Come and join us every Sunday from 7:00am – 10:30am.


Support us to maintain this project alive to have every Sunday a place in which we can coexist as a family and as a society in such a beautiful city as Cabo. Come and enjoy!

Un lugar para hacer ejercicio, en forma segura, con toda la familia, donde tambien puedes pasear a tu mascota, o caminar, correr, recorrer el Par Vial en bicicleta sin vehiculos. Y disfrutar de Cabo San Lucas como nunca se hace¡¡ Ven y disfruta todos los domingos de 7:00 A 10:30 am


Apoyanos a mantener este proyecto con vida, y que cada domingo podamos convivir en familia y en sociedad, en este puerto tan hermoso que es los cabos. Es importante que no faltes este domingo, "TE ESPERAMOS"

Cabo Villas Karate Kid

Oliver Alexis Flores – Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa
Karate Kid
Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa has always been committed with the community, and most of all, with the children from Los Cabos.

Since 2009, Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa, has been one of the sponsors of Karate National Champion Oliver Alexis Flores. Oliver Alexis Flores was born on December 23th, 1996 and since he was 2 months old he has been living in Cabo San Lucas. He just started Junior High School and is an active student in his school.

Oliver has been practicing Martial Arts since he was 6 years old under the guidance of local Sensei Wilbert Caamal, who discover the facility of Alexis for Martial Arts, specifically Karate. He has practice Karate for 6 years participating in all national and international competitions winning several times the 1st place in National Championships on his category as well as the 2nd place on the 20th Panamerican Championship at El Salvador 2009.Oliver has always needed to pay for his expenses on all the trips he makes, and Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa has supported him for the last couple of years and this time has not been the exception!
We are proud to announce that on the most recent competition, the XXI Junior Panamerican Karate Championships 2010 in Montreal, Canada, August 2010, Oliver once again made us all pride of being part of his life by winning all the contenders and achieving the GOLD MEDAL.

Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa want to thank you Oliver for all the results and championships you have accomplished during the years, but most of all for being part of our community, The Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa family!

Los Cabos Children´s Foundation

Los Cabos Children Foundation- Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa supports Los Cabos Children Foundation; this institution provides Los Cabos Children´s with medical care, education and humanitarian assistance. The vision of this foundation is to change the world "One child at a time".

Their main goal is to provide education and medical assistance for Los Cabos area and also to build supportive relationships for the well being of the children, family and communities of Los Cabos.

Through the genuine caring and exceptional generosity of their partners and this supporting organization, children´s lives have been saved and improved. And the partnerships and relationships that have sprung up because of this project are truly remarkable.

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We support our troops

Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa is very happy to offer special pricing and services for our troops that have served overseas.

We understand that freedom is not free, and we truly appreciate all those that have fought for our security and defended our freedom.

  Click here for inquiry. 

Casa hogar Cabo San Lucas

At Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa, we are highly committed about our community and our people.

Casa Hogar Los Cabos.- Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa supports Casa Hogar Los Cabos, a non profit organization that takes care of children from 6 to 14 years old. The boys come from different backgrounds and circumstances but their needs for security, shelter, food, education, a value system and a loving home environment are the same as any child growing up in the 21st century. Casa Hogar Los Cabos has been operating for 1 year and a half and currently they have 25 children living with them. Their maximum capacity is 60 children. Unfortunately our community will always have children that need our help.

Their ability to fill the house is limited only by funding; we encourage and let our guests know they can be part of this nonprofit effort by making any donation to Casa Hogar Los Cabos, so 1 day they can be taking care of more children and offer them a bright new future.

The Cabo Celebrity Golf Classic is a celebration of life and a new beginning for the little boys who live in Casa Hogar. We are helping to give them a chance, a fresh start. They have nothing…but a little love goes a long way!

Join us in this life celebration! 

View Event Brochure  How to Help

Casa Hogar

Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas is an orphanage dedicated to the boys in need in the state of Baja California Sur. It has been open since February, 2008. The orphanage is currently home to 20 boys, 6-14 years of age who have been orphaned or abandoned.

Casa Hogar´s goal is to "educate and elevate" each and every child that comes to live with them. At their young age, the boys have not yet learned to despair nor have they lost hope. The staff at Casa Hogar is completely dedicated to these children who are not their own. Each child has designated chores and responsiblities and they all have the opportunity to attend various schools, based on their abilities.

Currently, the orphanage is funded only through donations so the children can be offered education, vocational training and a way to integrate into society as they come of age. But the donations are inadequate to fund their basic needs--they need your help! Casa Hogar needs donations to assist in the daily operations of the orphanage. They also need funds for basic necessities of the orphanage such as educational toys, implementation of basic programs to challenge and improve verbal and social skills and to learn English. They also need outdoor improvements such as something so simple as green grass so the children won't have to play in the dirt. Furniture, clothing, bedding and toiletries are also so desperately needed at Casa Hogar.

We hope you will read this information with an open heart and that it is helpful to you in learning about Casa Hogar is and it´s mission.

If you would like to support this incredible labor please click on the link below to donate:

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