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Cabo Villas Vacation Membership FAQ's

1. How can I reserve with my membership? 

Answer – Membership reservations can be made up to one year in advance. Membership nights can be reserved to arrive any day of the week, however must be a minimum of three consecutive nights stay. To reserve, simply contact our reservations department in any of the following manners; from the USA dial 866-962-2268, from Canada dial 866-224-0102, from Mexico 624-143-9166, email, or access live chat on Please have the following information ready; your agreement number, the dates you are interested in reserving, and the total number of guests who will be staying with you. Our reservations department will access your account, and based on the type of membership owned, recommend the best available units that meet your request.

2. How are the rooms assigned? 

Answer - Rooms are assigned at check in, however the type of view is confirmed when you make your reservations. If you have a special request, please let our reservations department know while you are making your reservations, and your request will be noted in our system. 

3. Can I upgrade my reservation? 

Answer – No, membership nights are reserved based on the style of your membership contract. Confirmations will only be provided in unit types available per your “fee schedule” as attached in your agreement.

4. Can I reserve other styles of units without upgrading? 

Answer – Occasionally. Through our “By Owner” rental system you may find units available, however these units will offered at non-member rates. In some cases, a small member discount may be applied to this rate when booking, so be sure to let the “By Owner” rental representative know you are a member.      

5. How can I cancel my reservation? 

Answer - To cancel ANY reservation you must notify our reservations department in writing. All cancellations must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the check-in date, otherwise the reservation will continue to be valid and the usage fee will be applied to that reservation. 

6. Can I reschedule my week? 

Answer - Yes, you can always reschedule your reservation by contacting our reservations department at least 60 days prior to the check-in date. Accommodations are subject to availability, so it’s important to keep that in mind when asking for a new date. 

7. If I cancel my week within the timeframe allowed, can I have my usage fee refunded? 

Answer – Usage fees are non-refundable. It’s very important to contact our reservations department at least 60 days prior to the scheduled check-in date so they can work with you in changing your week for another timeframe. 

8. What happens if I do not use my contracted nights in any given year? 

Answer - You have the option to deposit week stays into the exchange company, or send a third party your nights. If you are unable to use the total number of nights during the timeframe allowed, the balance of those nights will be LOST. To avoid losing nights, it’s always best to contact our reservations department before June 15th of each usage year so they can assist you with all the options.  

9. How can I rent my week? 

Answer – We’ve made our “By Owner” rental program available to all members. In the event you are unable to use all of your nights, you may reserve space and submit that information in our “By Owner” rental program based on their terms and conditions. Please contact our rental program manager at 1-866-962-2268 ext. 3 (USA), 1-866-224-0102 ext. 3 (Canada),, or live chat at

10. Can a third party use my week? 

Answer - Absolutely, you can always allow guests to use your membership week. Please note, it’s very important to contact our reservations department to provide the names of your guests. This way we can send the confirmation letter to them, making the check-in process easier for everyone. 

11. What does “deposit a week” mean? 

Answer - To “deposit a week” means to transfer that time to a third-party company such as Interval International or Global Adventures. The requirement for doing this is simply to have the “usage” rights available when requesting the deposit. All deposits are made for week increments (seven nights and eight days). Please contact our reservations department for an Interval International deposit.  You’ll need to pay the corresponding “usage fee”, and then the reservations department will make the deposit into Interval International under your ID #. For deposits into the Global Adventures Maintenance Fee Assistance Program (MAP), access their web page and follow the directions for “floating” weeks.     

12. Does CVBR provide transportation? 

Answer - CVBR does not provide this service, however we provide a link on our websites home page to a shuttle service company for Members. To book this service, please access our “Transportation” link on and follow the simple online booking process.

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